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CertainTeed Corporation is a leading manufacturer of building materials that include roofing, insulation, windows, fence, decking and pipe as well as siding. A subsidiary of Saint-Gobain since 1988, it began as a small business called General Roofing Manufacturing Company in East St. Louis, Illinois in 1904. Today it is based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and is part of one of the world’s top 100 industrial corporations.

CertainTeed produces vinyl siding, polymer shake and shingle siding, and fiber cement siding in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes. As North America’s largest manufacturer of vinyl siding, CertainTeed offers consumers an impressive variety of siding products through its major brands, CertainTeed and Wolverine®, and claims to have the broadest color palette in the industry.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose CertainTeed Siding:


CertainTeed and Wolverine products combine to offer the industry’s most complete
line – the #1 choice of building professionals. For 11 years in a row, independent
surveys from every major trade publication have confirmed CertainTeed as the preferred
brand of architects, designers, builders and remodelers.


CertainTeed offers the widest array of colors in the industry and was the first
to introduce unique, darker shades. All CertainTeed vinyl siding products are
covered with PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection and are certified through
the Vinyl Siding Institute’s Certification Program*. CertainTeed has a broad
choice of styles that complement any architectural design and was
the first manufacturer to produce siding utilizing a direct transfer
system from real cedar boards for natural TrueTexture™ finishes.
*For a complete list of products and colors certified through VSI’s Certification
Program visit the website at


CertainTeed is the only manufacturer that offers two beautiful choices of cedar
shingle siding. Cedar Impressions, the industry leader made of injection molded
polymer, replicates the authentic look of perfection shingles and rough-split
shakes. Northwoods, the best looking vinyl shake in the market, replicates
real cedar shakes through a unique continuous vacuum-form process.


Monogram offers more value added features than any other siding in both traditional
and longer length panels and is the premium category volume leader. Monogram not
only remains the undisputed color champion, but was the pioneer for performance
attributes including the patented STUDfinder™ Installation System, RigidForm™ rolledover
nail hem, and self-aligning CertiLock™, to mention only a few. Monogram is the
standard to which other sidings are compared.


STUDfinder™ is the only system in the industry engineered with an integral
installation guide on every panel, designed for fast accurate and secure installation.
Nail slots align with construction standards of 16″ on center, with indicator letters
centered under each nail slot, making it easy to locate studs. Securely fastening to
studs helps optimize siding performance, as well as avoiding the dangers of driving
a nail into electrical wiring, plumbing or mechanical systems in the wall cavity.
STUDfinder is featured on all traditional CertainTeed sidings and has tested up to
25% faster to install than ordinary vinyl siding.
Top 10 Reasons to Choose CertainTeed Siding:
Vi n y l & P o l y m e r S i d i n g


CertainTeed is the only manufacturer to deliver exceptional wind load
performance at every price point. Millennium offers a “Won’t Blow-Off”
warranty – an industry exclusive. Monogram™ has been tested to withstand
wind load pressures up to 220 mph, Wolverine Restoration Smooth™
and Classic™ up to 180 mph, MainStreet™ up to 160 mph and, Wolverine
Encore™ and Hamilton Park® up to 135 mph. Through proprietary
RigidForm™ (rolled-over nail hem) technology, CertainTeed was the first
to offer siding designed to perform in high winds.


CertainTeed offers a wide variety of finishing touches – two great choices for
one authentic, real-wood look. Vinyl Carpentry™ trim replicates the look of
real wood with a wonderful assortment of styles and colors that never need
painting. Restoration Millwork™ cellular PVC trim is available in smooth and
TrueTexture™ woodgrain finishes in a wide variety of traditional and specialty
profiles that can be milled or painted to create custom designs.


CertainTeed provides contractors with the tools they need to successfully
differentiate themselves from competition. CertainTeed offers the 5-Star Contractor,
VSI Certified Installer, MasterCraftsman and Award of Excellence programs.
These programs give contractors the opportunity to earn credentials to use with
their customers, access to product visualization software and a preferred company listing
on the CertainTeed website, a great source of homeowner leads.


CertainTeed Vinyl & Polymer Siding are a qualifying products under CertainTeed’s Building Solutions® program, which is designed to help architects, builders and remodelers simplify product decisions and enhance the quality of their projects. Vinyl & Polymer Siding can be bundled with other CertainTeed products – including roofing, windows, insulation, fence
and foundations – to reduce project costs through discounted materials. CertainTeed offers an extensive array of educational and marketing support programs designed to help building professionals make optimum use of its products.


CertainTeed Vinyl & Polymer Siding is manufactured by CertainTeed Corporation, one of the nation’s
largest and most respected building products manufacturers. Founded in 1904 and headquartered in
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, CertainTeed is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain,
the world’s largest manufacturer of building materials. CertainTeed
products are consistently ranked number one in brand recognition and
brand use by architects, builders, contractors and remodelers.
CertainTeed respects the environment through the responsible development
of sustainable building products and systems.

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding, Polymer Shake, Shingle Siding, Fiber Cement Siding

Among CertainTeed’s vinyl siding products is the Wolverine® brand family of architecturally accurate products. Restoration Smooth™, in particular, has been approved by preservation commissions across the country. Some features offered within the Wolverine® line include the StudFinder™ and StudNailing™ technologies, RigidForm™ for enhanced stability, and the DuraLock™ or GripLock™ systems for easy, one- person installations. Depending on the individual product, Wolverine® siding is offered in beaded or flat, Dutchlap or clapboard options in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes, including authentic woodgrain.

The Wolverine® brand includes CertainTeed’s innovative CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding, which increases a home’s R-value by 22% and can help reduce energy bills by 20%. CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding also helps block exterior sound. With its StudFinder™ and DuraLock™ technology, CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding is not only easy to install, but it can also withstand hurricane force winds up to 180 mph. CedarBoards™ is five times more impact resistance than traditional vinyl siding.

CertainTeed’s polymer shake and shingle products, like its vinyl siding, are also virtually maintenance free – they never need painting. Several product lines, such as Cedar Impressions® and Northwoods™, feature the TrueTexture™ finish (molded from real cedar shingles) for the most natural and realistic look possible without using actual wood.

CertainTeed’s shake and shingle products come in a number of styles, such as straight-edge or staggered shingles and rough-split shakes, half-round shingles, and hand-split shakes, all available in different widths and sizes. The CertainTeed brand also includes the Mongram™ and Hamilton Park® siding lines, and the 8-inch-wide vertical panels of Board and Batten for the Early American look.

CertainTeed offers two cement fiber products, WeatherBoards™ and ColorMax™. ColorMax™ is a prefinished siding that comes in 16 designer colors and offers the advantages of factory-applied color optimization. The color is applied over a proprietary sealant/primer called FiberTect® that is 85% more effective at moisture protection than other primers. ColorMax™ siding comes in cedar lap, straight- edged, and staggered edge options.

WeatherBoards™ offers an authentic woodgrain and is one of the strongest fiber cement products on the market. It’s also 5% lighter because it’s made with fly ash rather than silica. WeatherBoards™ also uses FiberTect® for superior moisture protection, and offers 13 factory-applied prefinish top coat color choices or 6 natural and woodgrain stains. WeatherBoards™ offers a variety of shape and lap options such as octagons, half rounds, random square staggered edges, smooth beaded, cedar lap, and textured Dutchlap. WeatherBoards™ also comes in vertical panels in stucco, cedar, and smooth finishes.

CertainTeed’s siding products are all environmentally responsible. The vinyl and polymer siding is made from recycled materials, some up to 80%. CertainTeed’s vinyl siding creates a building envelope that results in lower energy use, as vinyl and polymer siding conduct neither heat nor cold. CertainTeed’s CedarBoards™ insulated siding even increases the R-value by 5.0 points, earning it an EnergyStar® rating.

The fiber cement siding is composed of fly ash, which is a byproduct of coal combustion, and wood fiber from sustainably-managed forests. CertainTeed’s fiber cement siding contains 30% pre-consumer recycled material, which means it earns LEED credits in two categories. The company also recycles the water it uses during production, and most of its raw materials originate within 500 miles of their plants.

In addition to its siding assortment, CertainTeed also offers soffits, trim, and other